Weight Loss Balloon Procedure.

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Weight loss balloon - How it works...

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Is the Weight Loss Balloon right for YOU?

If you’ve ever wanted to lose weight but struggled with regular diet and exercise, you might have considered weight loss surgery. However, not everyone can qualify for procedures like Lap Band and gastric sleeve. In order to have weight loss surgery, you need to have a BMI of at least 35 and/or an accompanying obesity-related illness, like diabetes or heart disease. But if you don’t qualify for those procedures, what do you do?
The gastric balloon procedure is a temporary non-surgical option. An weight loss balloon is endoscopically inserted in the stomach through the mouth. Once it’s placed within your stomach, it’s safely inflated. The balloon is only intended to stay with the patient for six months. During that time, you’ll fill up faster than ever before during meals, keeping you from overeating. Patients see tremendous results during that time, when they were previously unable to lose weight the traditional ways.

What results can I expect?

The vast majority of weight loss balloon patients experience highly pleasing weight loss, with minimal discomfort. Speak to your Weight Loss Balloon Medical Practitioner to discuss your weight loss goals and expectations.
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